The Youth and the Creator

There was once in the knowledge of humankind’s first awareness, a young man that walked upon the earth of no particular race. If you were to look upon him, you would be very hard pressed to say, “ Was he of the Peoples? Was he of the Africans? Was he of the Asians? Or was he of the Europeans, the Caucasians? You would be very, very hard pressed to say of what race, for when you looked upon this man you did indeed see a combination of all.

This young man had no name, so that all who saw him merely spoke to him as the Youth. The Youth in his knowledge of himself and at times in his arrogance, thought as he walked from one end of the world to the next, that he had more knowledge than any upon this land, for he alone traveled it from one end to the next. He alone made acquaintance with all peoples upon this realm, and he alone made acquaintance of all animals upon this land. And so the Youth in his arrogance thought that there was nothing he had yet to learn.

One evening while walking within the mountains in what is seen as the Alps, he was walking about and watching the twilight begin to settle upon the land. His favorite time within this realm was the twilight for it was peaceful, a time of listening, a time of being and a time of rest. The sun setting, the moon and the stars coming out, and the quietness settled over the land. The animals began to come out and speak to him.

For he alone walked from one end of the world to the next…

As always when the twilight settled upon the land, the Youth sat down upon a large boulder and waited for he knew that one would come to him and speak with him, but he did not know which one would come. So each night, in great eagerness, he awaited who would come present to speak with him.

This particular evening as the twilight deepened, a strange and brilliant light began to fill the space about where he sat, and he knew that this evening it was not an animal that would come to see him, but one he had heard of from the animals but yet had not knowledge of. It was that which is in all things, it is that which is known by many names. To him, the Youth, was the Creator, his breath made manifest upon the land, and there before him in the brilliance of the light.

And the Creator asked the Youth, “ May I sit upon the boulder near you and speak with you?” And the Youth, now all arrogance falling from him said, “ Yes, please do honor me and sit near me and speak to me, for I know you are the Creator.”

And the Creator made it’s self quite comfortable. The Creator was not able to be seen as masculine or feminine, but at one moment appeared to be masculine, and at the next appeared to be feminine. And so the Youth in great puzzlement asked the Creator, “ Of what shall I say you are? Are you a man like myself, or are you a woman like that of my mother?” The Creator said, “ I am neither, and I am both.” And the Youth puzzled upon it but did not ask further questions.

The Creator spoke to the Youth and said, “ I have watched you since you have been placed upon this land, and I have watched you walk from one end of it to the next. I see within your heart and I know the love that resides there. I also know the arrogance that is within your self. And this evening as I speak with you it is that arrogance that I desire to address with you and gift you with a gift.”

And so the Creator held forth a hand, a hand in one instant contained all the strength, and in the next instant contained all the love and the gentleness as it reached out to the Youth, and placed within the hands of the Youth an object. The Creator told the Youth, “ Do not look upon it until I am no longer with you and then look upon the gift I have given you. Reflect upon this gift and what shall you do with it.”

And then the Creator was no longer present in the sight of the Youth. The Youth opened very slowly the hands of himself to see the gift the Creator had gifted to him. Now in his arrogance he thought, ‘‘ now if the Creator came and spoke to me face to face, what a grand gift he must be giving to me for did the Creator not recognize the love in my heart?

And yes, the Creator recognizes also my arrogance, but it is not that grand, and so is able not to be noticed as much as the love that is within me. So I know that the gift my Creator gave to me is ever so grand; it speaks of what the Creator noticed with me.’’

So very slowly the Youth began to open his hand expecting a very grand and glorious gift. But what was found when he opened his hand was a very small and very simple seed. It did not appear to be a seed like any other seed the Youth had found in his journeys, but yet is was merely thus, a seed. A very small seed shaped like an apple seed, a bit larger, white in color and very simple.

The Youth looked at the seed and in his arrogance, disappointment settled upon him and he began to curse the Creator, “ Why would the Creator give to me such a gift? It is only a seed! Why this realm is full of seeds, and they do not but grow the earth trees and plants. It is merely a seed.”

He did not know what to do with it for he knew that if he planted it in the ground, in his travels he may never return to that exact spot again, and he would not see what that seed grew to become. He did not desire merely to toss the seed away for it was a gift from the Creator, and though he was angered at the Creator now, somewhere down the road in his journeys he may desire to speak with the Creator again. And thus the Creator would ask, “Where is the gift I gave to you?” He could not say that he did not cherish it and he tossed it away for it was merely a seed.

So he decided to place it within a small bag he carried upon his bosom and there within that bag was contained the treasures of the earth that he had collected his self and were of value to himself. He placed the seed within the bag and many years passed and he soon thought no more about the seed.

One day while sitting within the drifts of the snow upon the high mountains within the land where you now reside, sitting there in the spot about him warmed for he had knowledge of how to do that, again the light glowed and he knew with trepidation now, rather than eagerness, who it was that was coming.

Each evening at twilight the Youth would sit upon a large boulder…

Once again the Creator stood before him and this time did not ask to sit, instead the Creator sat in front of the Youth and spoke. And the Creator said, “ Youth, I gave to you a few years ago, a very precious gift. A gift from my own love, a seed. I do not see it planted anywhere within the land. Whatever did you do with it?”

And the Youth drew out the bag upon his bosom, he opened it and removed first all the treasures he carried, and the Creator showed great interest in what was contained within his bag as he brought forth his stones. And he took forth a dried flower. He took forth a leaf from a great maple tree. And he took forth a seed of an apple for it was nourishment. And finally, he took forth the dirt from when he first came upon this land. Last, he took out the seed the Creator had given to him.

He said, “ Well here it is. I have not lost it. But, I was disappointed that you merely gave to me a seed. You are the Creator and you can gift to me any gift within your thought, and you gift me but a seed!”

And the Creator began to laugh and as the Creator laughed, the ripples of the laughter were felt throughout the land, and plants blossomed forth from the land. The snows melted and great stars began to be seen. The animals came forth and drew close, drawn to the laughter of the Creator.

The Creator reached forward and plucked the seed from the Youth’s hands and asked the Youth, “ Do you then say to me that you do not desire this gift that I gave to you? ‘’ The Creator said, “ Do not answer immediately. Stop and think a moment.”

And the Youth did indeed think a moment and he told the Creator, “ Well, Creator, I would indeed like to keep the gift if only I knew what I was to do with it.” And the Creator said, “ Need I show you what it is you are to do with this seed?’

And he said, “ Yes.”

So the Creator took forth the seed and first brought it to the beat of the Creator’s heart and allowed the love of the Creator to envelop the seed. And the seed began to glow and became a brilliant golden light. And the Creator then stroked the seed and allowed that which was the physical aspect now of the Creator to touch the manifested seed that now glowed brightly with a golden light. All of the Creator’s light flowed from the fingertips into the seed.

The Creator then looked at the Youth and said, “ I want you to take this seed, the seed which represents all that I am as Creator, all my light, and all of my love, and I would desire very much for you to place it within yourself so that no matter where you go in your journeys, there also am I. No matter what you do in your journeys, there also do I. And no matter what you speak and experience within your realm, there also do I speak and experience. And thus shall I be content and I be fulfilled. And there also shall I become thee and you become me.”

So the Youth, with great humility, reached into the hand of the Creator and took the seed, looked at the Creator and said, “ But I know not where to plant the seed within myself.”

And the Creator spoke and said, “ Do you not know where you feel my love when I first come and appear to  you?” The Youth smiled, for he knew that it was his heart that opened and blossomed and beat ever so strongly with the presence of the Creator’s love.

So he took the seed and he said, “ But Creator, I know not how to bring it within. Do I swallow it? How do I bring it within my body?”

And the Creator said, “ With my love does it enter.”

So together, the Creator and the Youth brought the seed to the Youth’s heart chakra and the Youth felt the chakra open and the petals of it blossom out. And he watched as his own heart chakra began to glow with the golden color that the Creator’s seed contained. And all about and within the gold, he saw all of the Creators colors become opalescence, and they glowed and radiated!

With the Creator’s love, he watched as his hand disappeared from sight and entered into his body. He felt as his fingers entered into the chambers of his heart, and he found between the upper and lower chamber of the right side of his heart, a very small opening. And he felt as his finger with the Creator’s love, entered into the chamber and felt the stillness that resided there. And there was placed the golden seed.

With the Creator’s love, his hand removed from his chest, the chest began to close and the heart chakra’s petals began to gently enfold once yet again so that the energy was then brought close to the Youth. And the Creator told him. “ From time in your youth and in your growth, you will forget the seed resides within you. But from time to time, you will feel it as it grows. As the roots travel through your body and as the branches of it reach out to your self, it reaches into the physical realm, and gathers about you all that is mine, and all that is of me.”

“ In those moments, allow your self to recognize and to cherish the moments when you are me and I am thee.”

* channeled story from Spring of 1996 during one of the Shadow classes. In the times we now live I felt it was an appropriate reminder to all of us now ~ I hope you enjoyed it. Peter/ Grandfather and now Ma-Ryah often teach us through the telling of stories. Mediate upon this story and see how does it speak to you? This story is copyrighted by Sharon Dvorak. To use for any reason please contact me for permission to use this story. Thank you.

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