Time has written…

Time has written its’ self upon my body and my face.

I am sometimes shocked when looking into a mirror to see the changes created by the passing of time. In my mind I still have the image of youth and yet youth has not been a part of me in a long time.

Other times I celebrate what I see when looking in the mirror. Life has not been gentle and many difficult moments have walked with me. These moments are written in every line upon my face and found in every gray hair.

For many years hair dye was my best friend! I could hold the illusion of my youthful self because my hair was still dark. Shortly before the death of my daughter she shaved my hair off so I could stand in solidarity with her and her hair loss from radiation. I made the choice at that time that I would not dye it any longer. As it grew in I would allow it to be whatever color my hair now was, whether it was white or gray. I have to admit I am fond of my hair now though it did take getting used to it no longer being dark. Now I can not imagine ever having it dark again.

Most of the days I do find solace in the signs of time upon my face and body. Two of my children did not have the priviledge of becoming older. They did not have the gift of time. I do. I am able to study my face and remember the events that live now in the lines of my face.

I have used these passing years since the deaths of my children to get to know myself once again. I have used this time to see where I see myself moving into life on the path towards my future. Working with Ma-Ryah is still important to me though it is not all I choose to create in the years I have yet to walk. Photography is important to me as well as using my creative and artistic gifts. I also know beyond any doubt that what matters the most in life is the time we spend with loved ones. And so a lot of my focus now is spending time with those I love. I believe that at this point in my life it is vital to be involved in living. I know it will include time spent here and time spent working with Spirit; however it will also include taking time to live life! I truly hope that as the upcoming years unfold many of you will walk with me too as we share and grow in this amazing gift called, life.

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