“ God’s Blessings! This is Ma-Ryah from the higher realms of God. As always we are ever so pleased to be able to communicate with you here in this manner.

There are many things able to be addressed within your world and for this months’ communication we desire to speak of the energies of fear and frustration within your world right now. On an energy awareness level many changes are happening within your world. Most may not be aware of it as energy and yet many are aware of the result of this energy shift through the actions of one another. We perceive much frustration and irritation with so many humans right now and so choose to address this.

Some times we are aware in speaking with human beings that you seem to create without choice in what is occurring in your lives and though we do not see this as a truth we do recognize to many human beings this is perceived as a truth. However, choice is always present for each and every human being. The energy being created within your world is the energy of transformation. As this energy becomes part of your world it does it’s job beautifully which is to stir up that which is imbalanced in order to present opportunity to create balance.

Time is a perceived limited commodity right now within your world and the lament heard strongly from your world is, ‘ there isn’t enough time’ and ‘ where has the time gone?’ As human beings continue on the journey of transformation and evolution this strengthens as indeed time is condensed and sped up. However, you are always able to experience enough ‘time’ to create and accomplish all you set as your intentions to create and accomplish. Know time is part of your world to serve you and to give you the framework of a past, present and future reference in order to assist you to see and understand the process of evolution and transformation.

As many human beings perceive ‘limitation of time’ they create in an energy of rushing everywhere. Your time is perceived as being short and so you create with a perception of anxiousness and irritation. The choice is always present to experience it differently. How then are you able to accomplish this? Choice. You may choose to create with honor, patience and understanding of the other human beings you create with and to receive a more pleasant outcome for your selves. If you are driving and indeed many human beings are seeking the gift of speed within your vehicles as you go from one task to another! Often without a lot of consciousness too so our advice is to be conscious of the moment of driving, and we do say this with a gentle smile. So if you are driving and you seem to be sharing the road with other human beings who are also appearing to be rushed and therefore not always choosing to be courteous and aware, rather than join in that way of creating instead you are able to choose to be courteous and aware.

When you interact with other human beings in your work place you are able to create with respect and honor even if those you are creating with are not choosing to create within the same way. If it assists you to speak of being spoken to without respect and honor you are able to speak of it and still choose to speak from honor and respect and perhaps assist another to experience what this is like so they may choose to create in a similar way if they so choose.

If those you interact with seem to be in the hold of anger, irritation and impatience you are able to use kindness, patience and once again honor. The energy of anger, irritation and impatience requires more of it’s self to keep it’s self sustained so if you do not join into this energy and fuel it you are able to shift the energy completely.

How often do you wake in the morning in a pleasant mood, only to have that mood sour as you go about your day creating with others? That is because you are allowing the dense energy to impact, affect and change who you know yourself as in that moment. By doing this you give another the power to say who you are and how you are to create. Every day, every moment you do indeed have a choice for what kind of interaction you would choose to receive from others. Understanding of what is occurring in your world and with others as well as self is important and it is able to be created with more ease by choosing to be aware of and responsible for the actions taken by self. To create and know kindness, choose kindness when creating with others. To know respect, create with respect. To know honor, create with honor. No one is able to change who you are except you. No one is able to sour your mood except you. No one is able to choose anger for you except you. Does it require work and attention in your world to create in your world as it presently is with awareness of choice? Most definitely! Is it impossible to know? Absolutely not!

You choose each and every moment what kind of world you choose to be part of and if you choose to create and experience a world of fear, anger, resentment and judgment, you may do so. Much is able still to be learned by this manner of experience. If you choose to create and experience a world of love, compassion, celebration and acceptance you are also able to know and create this also, and much is able to be learned by this manner of experience. Always remember, you do have a choice. You have a choice to know who you are by the reflection of self you experience with others. You may complain and blame if that is indeed your choice. Or you may pause, reflect and ask self, “ How may I assist the world I live in to be more in alignment and balance with what I seek to know and experience?” Always remember, you either add to the imbalance or you add to the balance of life. Which ingredient so to speak, do you choose to be?

We send much Love and compassion into your world right now. If you choose to make use of this energy sent not only from our Self, but also others from other realms who send your world Love, all you ‘have’ to do is reach out with your heart and allow the Love and peace to fill you. God’s Blessings to all.” Ma-Ryah

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