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One of the more popular parts of this web site has always been the, Ask Ma-Ryah section. This is the section most talked about when people tell me they have gone to the web site. Mostly what I hear lately is people are disappointed the section is not renewed often; the same question is up for a long time before a change occurs. In the original Ma-Ryah web site I addressed this problem often and it is no different here on the new site. I only change this section when a question has been submitted by someone who does not mind their question being on the web page. Initials may be used, or you can request anonymity with your public question. There is no cost to this because it is used on the web site.

I have spent a lot of time pondering why there are so few questions submitted for the Ask Ma-Ryah section and have come up with a few possible reasons. One reason I have come up with is the fear of being vulnerable. It does create vulnerability to ask a question for Ma-Ryah to answer in a public format. Another reason I have come up with is each of us like to think our problems, our worries, our burdens, and our pains are different from everyone else’s problems, worries, burdens and pain. We often grow up learning to keep private these things or to speak about them only with friends or family members. Why? Do we think others will see us as weak if we ask for help? Will others see us as being odd or weird because of the questions we ask? That is possible I suppose ~ but then being who I am, I am used to being seen as’ weird’, though I prefer the word ‘different’ rather than weird, so that isn’t a problem for me personally.

What I have found happens though is when someone has the courage to ask a question about an experienced problem or struggle in their life there is always at least one person who will identify their own self in the question being asked. When I hold group sessions with people attending the group asking personal questions it is not uncommon for people to be unsure of asking their questions in front of others attending the group. And this is often in spite of the fact that most people become part of a question and answer group with their friends and family members. When I am asked if I couldn’t just this once see each person separately and not all together in a group I always answer, no.  It does not matter all the reasons I do not do it with each person being seen separately, it matters they are a group. At the end of the session what I most often hear is how the people attending were touched by the question and answer someone else asked, or the question another asked was what they wanted to ask too and did not have the courage to ask or didn’t know how to ask it.

You are able to use the tab for accessing the previous web site archives and see the questions and answers people have asked. If you choose to do this, did you learn something for your self in the questions others have asked? Did you perhaps learn something you didn’t know before?  If what is being asked is a personal question and is sensitive, all you have to do is request names are changed when posted publicly or initials since real names are used in submitting the question.

Ask Ma-Ryah is also not only for personal questions about your own life. It is also able to be used for answering questions about things you may be wondering about and would like to know what Ma-Ryah sees or knows about that topic. What are your views or beliefs of a Being who is a guide? What is Ma-Ryahs’ view of a Being who is a guide?  Is there karma? Is there reincarnation? What are the reasons we are here? How do you know when you are intuitive and how can you develop that more? How do you read energy on an object, photo or person? I know there are many questions people wonder about, because I am asked questions all the time! These are just a few samples of the kinds of questions I get asked all the time. What questions do you have?

If you enjoy reading Ask Ma-Ryah, if you would like to see it changed often all that has to be done is to ask a question.  Another reason I feel questions aren’t being submitted is perhaps you feel I get so many questions submitted that if you do send in a question you don’t stand a chance of having it answered. Right now I can assure you that isn’t so. Maybe one day I will once again find so many questions submitted that I have to return to my question file where they get answered in the order they arrived, or choose several out of them to publish here each month ~ right now though…your chance of having your question answered in a timely fashion is very good!

So, why not submit a question? What do you have to lose? You may request only initials be used…not a problem. Remember there is no silly, stupid or terrible questions…there are only unasked questions.

2 thoughts on "To Ask Ma-Ryah"

  1. Greetings Ma-Ryah, it has been quite some time now since we last spoke, and I miss being close to Sharon to be able to talk with you in person.I am very happy though with the physical move that I made and my living arrangements here in Florida are the best,I am most happy with that.I find myself once again, drawn in by my relationship with ‘J’. Thinking that moving away I would meet someone to replace him in my heart, and it just hasn’t happened yet, and in fact, he has been more present. He broke up with the woman he had moved in with, which we knew would happen eventually, noting that throughout that time we continued to see each other and had very good times.
    ‘J’ has driven down here twice now to visit me, and even said that by him taking time to drive all this way, really showed me something, like it meant something. AND, he even said that he chose the wrong girl, and of course I took that to mean that I was the right one all along!
    Silly me for fast forward thinking….and of course my heart sang, and once again he pulls the rug out, calling me psycho again because I was offened by him sending photos of his ex girlfriend with his boat, along with other photos of people and fish they all caught. Was that on purpose to bait me? Because it really hurt my feelings, and when I brought it up, he got very angry with me for saying something, and now, says that he will never see me again….I just dont get him. We have the most intimate times together, and he even says it is the best ever, so why why why, does he sabatoge us like this? I know you have told me to walk away, and lord knows that I do try, but we always come back together, and I am really trying to learn something here, and also teach this man, that love,(knowing his problem about love, accepting it and denying it) is real in us…..and I just really need your help again and advice , because we all know, our will can change and I was hoping that his had or would and we could grow old together.
    I have met a very nice man named ‘B’….but I dont feel for him like I do for ‘J’, but maybe if I really let go…..I would feel differently about ‘B’? Or maybe there is someone else out there that would fill my heart with love that I so want ?
    Also, what do you think of my new Baby doggie? Isn’t he the best!! Do you think he is a Jasper, or do you see a better name?
    Thank you so much for listening and feeling my heart. I talk to you all the time, but I need to see some answers as to which way I should go!!
    Blessing to you,
    “K”, Fla.

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