Transform the Shadows

“ God’s Blessings! This is Ma-Ryah from the higher realms of God. Once again we desire to address our reason for beginning all communication in this way. At one time it was requested by the Vessel for her to know it was indeed us who were in communication with her. Over ‘time’ she has learned many other ways to validate it is indeed our self who is communicating with her and yet we continue in this way as a means to respect her beliefs. We do not speak or communicate in this way to say we are higher, greater or more than you know your own self to be. The only difference perceived between our self and you is we do not create and exist in a world based on fear, separation and isolation of mass and matter. We therefore do not forget we are always Love and Light. That is the only perceived difference of who we are and yet are you not also these same things? Even if you are not always aware of it, you still are only always Love and Light.

Your world is designed to assist you to create separation and isolation of your self and all you create with within your world. It is designed to create these same things in relation to you and all you perceive or know as the Divine. Your world is designed in this way using the building blocks of mass and matter in order to create these experiences and manifestations of these beliefs and experiences as a reality, in order to ultimately remember you are none of these things. You ultimately remember you are not able to truly change who you are, which is Love and Light. You are able to create the experience of this but not able to change who you really are. Just as the actor studies the role, creates within the script and ultimately steps off the stage to return to who they know themselves to be, so do you do this when you step away from this world.

Your Science begins earnestly to create and to validate you are energy. Your thoughts are energy, your emotions are energy and as such you do indeed affect and impact your world, others and self by the application of these aspects of self.

On this site we address some of the ways you are able to transform your shadow seeds and to remember who you really are. We address ways you are able to apply exercises and knowledge to your lives so you may create and experience a different outcome in the shadow beliefs. In this way you are able to transform your world and your lives and experience a world of harmony, balance, honor and respect. To see there is no difference really between you. You are indeed One; one family, and One Being. In the transformation and evolution of the human consciousness you find yourself creating and experiencing a different world than what your world now seems to be. Are you able to imagine a world of harmony, peace and balance? Remember, if you can not imagine it you can not experience it. So if you find this challenging perhaps to begin in one area of your own life and begin to imagine, what if this, and then fill in the blank was different? What if my experience was this ———, instead of this ——–, what would that be like?

We often speak of your world as a place of mass and matter. That is indeed how we do perceive and know your world. Your world is an experience of applied thoughts, beliefs and scripts played out within the frame work of ‘time’. Time exists only in your world, and no other. Difficult to conceive of this as a reality? Perhaps, and yet it does not make it any less real and valid.

Everything in your world is created from energy drawn together in order to create a form to be created and experienced, as well as to experience a manifestation of thought, belief and script carried out in what is seen as a physical, linear world. How is this done? In order to create form it is necessary to attract molecules together to know form. This is done by bringing negative mass together with positive matter. The energy manifested and generated by thought is seen as the negative mass. It draws to it’s self positive matter. Positive matter is able to be measured in your Universe and every Universe. It is that which is. Negative matter is used in order to ignite and explode and therefore vital in the formation of Universes and galaxies and yet would be detrimental if applied to the human part of your world, indeed to all form in your world.

You are energy, pure and simple. It does not matter if you have belief of this or not, you do not change what is ~ you are energy. When you seek to create and experience who you are not it is necessary to incarnate upon this world you know as Earth. You choose a thought, a belief you will hold and the scripts to create upon this thought. As we have so often done in our communications we choose to use for this example, the thought you are separate from Love, from the Divine. In order to create this as real for your experience you send out the thought that you are not part of the Divine. The Divine is ‘some thing’ or ‘some Being’ outside of you. This thought is mass for it is to form in a dimensional world of form in denseness. This mass is negatively charged and so it radiates out into All that Is and draws to it’s self positive matter. This begins to then give shape and form to your thought. You begin to have then the experience which will validate for you that you are indeed separate from the Divine. As you create within this experience the more you find it true, the more you then return to this Earth in order to continue to create upon this thought, this shadow seed, until you begin to create it full circle. In your experience you create different experiences and moments and some begin to transform your thoughts. Your thoughts then as negative mass draw once again to themselves the positive matter of the Universes, and All That Is, and you create experiences that show you, you have never been separated from the Divine. The coding of this, the knowledge of this is found in every single aspect of your world. On this site there is the story of, The Youth and the Creator. This story addresses this knowledge. There is nothing that exists that is not part of All That Is, the Creator, Yahweh, Allah, Buddha, and God. It matters not what name you speak and name this energy ~ It is Absolute Love, pure energy.

In order to give yourself the experience of the possibility of a world of peace, balance, harmony, honor, respect, dignity and love create experiments for self. Choose one area of your own life and begin to consciously send out negative mass and consciously draw to your thoughts the positive matter of All, and see, just see ~ what is your result? You just may be surprised in a very wondrous way!

We end this moment of communication here. It is enough for now. Meditate, reflect, imagine, choose, send out thought, draw on knowledge and beliefs as well as scripts found within your world to assist you to know this harmony. Create application of this choice within your life and then ask your own self ~ does this assist me to know a world I choose to live and experience within? If yes, perhaps you continue to create more consciously within this knowledge. If no, perhaps you put it away for now never to be taken out again in this time frame ~ or perhaps taken out and applied in a different moment of time.

Remember, no matter what you experience within your world, you do not really have the ability to change who you are ~ a Being of Light and Love. In peace we do bid farewell for now. Any questions of what we communicate here? Send them to us via this site and we shall be pleased to answer them.

God’s Blessings!” Ma-Ryah

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