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“God’s blessings! This is Ma-Ryah from the higher realm of God. You shall find in all communication with us we always begin our words with you using those eleven words. When our world began to communicate with your world through the Vessel twenty linear years of your time past, we made the agreement and commitment to always begin in that way. Over time the Vessel learned to discern our energy over other Being’s energy and no longer required this greeting from us. Now it is a term of comfort, honor and love with her and so we continue. In communications with us you shall find we refer to the energy of God by many names….God/Goddess/ All There Is….The Creator…The Source of All Things…The Being of Absolute Love…These are some of the terms we use to speak of the Divine Being your world is refers to as God, Allah and Jehovah.

Often we are asked by humans within your world which religion of earth is the ‘right’ one. We always answer, none. Each religion is man-made and does not speak of the Being of Love as we know this Presence to be. Your world sees this Being as being full of rules, judgments and regulations. We see this Being only as Love, nothing more, nothing less!

We watch the journey of Souls who exist within your world all evolving, all seeking to be who they are here to be. We see each human creating to the best of their ability to return to a remembrance of who they really are. Who they really are, is Beings of Love and Light. By entering Earth you as Souls agreed to experience who you are not in order to remember you really are Beings of Light and Love. Letting go of fear through this evolution and process of transformation. Remembering you are not ever separated from the Divine Being of Love. You have only had the experience of being separated in order to remember no matter ultimately where you create, exist and experience, you are never out of that love. You and you alone create the experience of this knowing and belief of isolation and separation.

We are also often asked what does the human require to do in order to be received back to the realm of God when you leave this world? Only to remember you never left that Love, never left and so therefore there is nothing you must do to return.

We see and understand your religions and dogmas and see nothing in error in them, for each human participates in them to find their Soul within the teachings and live by the teachings in a Sacred way. Some humans do well in believing in a religion and the teachings found there even if for a time it is limiting. Limiting in the way that it says God/Goddess/All There Is, has you return to that Being in a certain way or you are forever punished and judged. In our world we know God only as Love. Never judgment. Never punishment and pain. We see each human responsible for the choices they make, whether they create from love or fear. We do not see each human punished for this though we do see each human shall indeed review how you created once you return to Spirit. Then you shall see, did you create from Love or from Fear? You follow your creation from the beginning thought to how it was received by others and thus learn to understand what happens if you create from fear rather than love. You are able to understand did you embrace love or push it away? Any punishment on the other side, the return to Spirit, is self-inflicted and created just as it is in your physical world.

We see and understand a difference in your world between religion and Spiritual practices. Even a more perceived Spiritual practice often has dogmas and regulations within for humans to follow as a guide book so to speak…What is important in your life? Every thing! Or you would not create and experience it in the first place! Know each moment gifts you opportunity to understand the scripts of limitation, separation, isolation and judgment of self and others in order to see ultimately you are here to create from Spirit without distortion. Not everyone who comes here to read this message will resonate with the way we speak of these things. And that is okay….We do not require compliance and acceptance of what we communicate here to make it ‘ right” for our beliefs. We share with you what we have learned in our world, our state of Being and what we have learned about what love is not, by communicating to many within your own world. It is up to you if you come to eat at this table or not…Sometimes you will find your Spirit nourished and other times you will find the defense of your human ego self. Either way is really all right. Both have something to teach you.

Soon we shall put up some writings here to speak of how we see the shadows of human kind. We shall have here words to assist in the Souls who have incarnated in recent times into your world. We shall use words here to assist you to see human life and your world perhaps in a different way. You then are able to use the beautiful gift given to human beings, which is free will to decide do our words enhance your understanding of the Sacred within you and all things and Beings in your world, or do they diminish you? Sometimes we shall begin a lesson or communication with the words, “ this may stretch the boundaries of your mind and reality”…when you see these words some who come here will find they may not agree with what is presented here. Take it, read it, reflect, meditate and pray upon it and then choose for yourself where and if it has a bearing within your own life.

Till next communication, we bid you farewell and send only Blessings and Love to all who read this page.”


February 20, 2007

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