When I was a small child…

Question: “When I was a small child and throughout my life I have seen a woman with long red hair dressed in a white dress. As a child I spoke to her as a friend ~ as an adult she will appear and wake me up. Often I am petrified and unable to speak. I believe I know who she is but can you help me determine who she is and what role she plays in my life?” Kat, Florida

Answer:“God’s Blessings! This is Ma-Ryah from the higher realms of God. We are pleased to answer your question. We shall scan you~

She is a very beautiful woman with skin that looks like it is softly lit from within. Her long red hair has a slight curl/wave to it. She changes her eye color from time to time. Sometimes they are clear blue and other times very green. Once she used brown for the eye color though she prefers the green and blue. Her eyes are filled with gentleness and love.

She is a Guardian for you. She has been with you from birth and shall remain with you until re-birth into Spirit. She has not ever been physical and serves as both your physical and Spiritual guide. Her energy colors are white, topaz and rose. Because she has not ever been pysical she has no scent of your world. However she chooses a light scent of lily and rose for her scent. Perhaps you are aware of this scent when she awakens you. Her musical tone is “A”. If you choose to strengthen your bond with her you may meditate upon this tone and it assists you to make more conscious contact with her. Because she has never been physical she does not have a name from your world and so she chooses to be known as Victoria. Her energy is able to be felt upon you on the back of your neck and down the right side of your back. This energy is like her fingerprint. It is hers. Her energy always connects with you in this way and the only way it changes is it becomes more clear and easier for you to perceive as she and you work together in a conscious way to connect.

Victoria desires only to assist you and to be a comfort in your life. You may communicate to her not to awaken you. If you desire to have communication with her as you once did you may thank her for assisting you to see her more easily when you are awake and choosing to see her so you are not startled or frightened. She does not ever intend to create fear within you ~ ever.

She asks us to tell you your canines see her and she most often stands to the right side of them. She plays with them and when you see them looking to the right and following with their eyes what appears to be nothing ~ it is her. She asks to also tell you your canines enjoy it when you sing and they desire you to do this more often.

Victoria also asks us to tell you that you have a very compassionate heart and sometimes you carry the hurt and worry of others long after you have left them. This is fine to do and of course is your choice whether or not to do this ~ however remember to clear your energy from time to time so you keep your heart balanced and clear.

If you desire more knowledge of her you may ask and we shall be pleased to respond. God’s Blessings. Ma-Ryah”

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