Where is your focus?

“God’s Blessings! This is Ma-Ryah from the higher realms of God. As you are able to tell from the title of this message, this communication is asking you, where is your focus? Life as you experience it is full of choices. We do understand sometimes that it does not feel as though you have a choice and yet you do. Every action and decision made requires a choice to be made out of all of your possibilities, even the choice to do nothing required a choice to be made in order to do nothing. We have chosen to use some of the Vessels’ photographs in this message to show some of what we address in a visual way.

Just like this picture shows three stages of the rose, the budding or the beginning of the rose, as well as the end of the rose being seen side by side so do many things appear in your life. In the photgraph you can also see the bud more open than the other one, just like your life unfolds in different stages. You are able to see each dawn as a new life being offered to create within and see each night when you lie down to sleep as the end of a life, reflecting on all the moments before and choosing which experiences will you take into your next day, or new life ~ and which moments and expreiences of the life being completed shall you let go of? Those who know us and have worked with us know we often advise them to live in the present moment. If you live in a past moment, the past is where you exist and experience life now, complete with the scripts, thoughts, beliefs and opinions of the past. These accumulated scripts carry the scripts of fear, separation and limitation and they are based on something that no longer exists in the present, except for energy you may give to it in keeping the results and experiences of the past present. Many times those we speak with will tell us,”‘but Ma-Ryah I can’t just let it go! It is part of me! I can’t just act like it didn’t happen.” It is not necessary to act as though ‘it’ did not happen in order to let it go and not be the experience you bring into your present moment of life.  As you awaken from your sleep, open your eyes and prepare to begin your new day you are able to take a moment or two and reflect upon the new life offered to you on this day. How do you choose your day to be? What moments do you desire to create and experience? What do you choose to accomplish in this day, this lifetime? Allow yourself the gift of choice, no matter what came before or may come after. You are able to choose to be present, this moment, this life. Just as you chose certain opportunitiy of experiences before your Soul chose to incarnate in this moment, so you are able to do this in your life now, one day at a time. Allow flexibility and for choices to be chosen based on what unfolds during your day.

Through the years we have used the spider in your world as a way to provide a visual image to understand how we see the journey of a human being experiencing a lifetime. We will use the spider here as a way to speak about living life each day at a time, seeing each day as a full and complete life time. The spider represents your soul. Your soul is at the center of all you create and experience. The spider/soul, sits in the center and from a place of consciousness weaves the web that supports its’ life. Each spoke of the web in looking at the full experience of a soul, represents time frames. In this message though, each spoke of the web represents choices available throughout your day. Every connecting thread of the web represents choice and application of the choice made manifested into your life. The spider/soul represents your consciousness throughout your day/life. Every choice made effects and impacts every moment of your day ~ your life. If you choose to study a spider within your world for a period of time you are able to see how the spider weaves the web, how the spider maintains the web and often how the spider reweaves the web each and every day. Sometimes the web woven is very simple, while other times it is very complex. Are you able to see and understand your life in the same way?  During the hours the spider sits upon the web many things may be caught within the web. Each time something catches in the web the spider responding to the vibration that ripples throughout the web goes to what was just captured in the web. In that moment the spider decides to keep what is caught in the web and allow it to be nourishment to sustain life and creation, or the spider decides what was caught in the web does not serve the spider and thus is cut from the web. The place where the unchosen object was cut from the web is then rewoven by the spider. Are you able to see your own life in this way? Are you able to see you have choice for what you allow to become part of your web, what nourishes you and supports, upholds the vision you have chosen to know and experience? Are you able to see you have a choice to cut or remove from your web of creation, allowing it to leave, knowing you are able to reweave where you presently are now?

Every moment you have a choice how you experience that moment. Do you choose to experience it from what is present now or do you choose to experience through an experience of a moment in your past, thus restricting or limiting you to be able to be aware of the gift of possibilities being offered now? Each and every day is complete within its’ self. Just like your life has a beginning, so does your day. Just as your life has the moments in between the beginning and end, so does your day. And just as your life has an ending, so does your day. You may choose how you desire to experience your day, your life ~ observe the opportunities that arise in the unfolding of your day and choose which choice do you choose to know and experience, and at the end of the day/life, reflect upon what you experienced. Did you bring yourself closer to your choices or did you take yourself further away from what you had chosen to experience that day/life? Did your choices assist you to know yourself expanded or did your choices diminish you? Either experience has many moments of wisdom you may apply to your life, choose to continue creating upon the next day, the next life ~ or you may choose to let it go and choose a very different creation, experience the next day, the next life.

Imagine you are the daisy pictured here. Your consciousness is the center of the daisy and the petals of the daisy represent all the choices you have to create with throughout your day, your life. What are you choosing to do in your life right now? What are all your possible choices? Perhaps you are able to print out or draw a picture of a daisy and then write in the center what you are choosing to experience in the moment, and then on each of the petals write out all the possible choices you may experience based on the scripts you have carried with you to this moment. When writing all your choices on the petals of the daisy remember to write one that addresses the full and complete experience you have chosen to know in a way that is greater than you could even imagine it to be! When you finish, allow yourself to see and reflect on what you have written, and then choose which petal shall you pick? And as you pick the petal, pick your choice of experience, remember…in order for you to make a choice, in order for you to pick a petal, it required you to make a choice for your brain to receive the order to pick a petal. Allow yourself to know where your focus is in the moment you are making a choice. Is it in the past, projected into the future, or is it right now? Is your focus on success of completing what you have chosen to experience, or is it focused on failure? Is it focused on harmony or chaos? Is your focus on remembering you have a choice in everything you experience or is it focused on the belief you do not have a choice in anything and are at the mercy of what others choose?

We are interested in hearing from you. How do you see and experience choices available to you? Do you struggle with this knowledge or does it come to you with ease? What moments do you choose to carry with you into each day to come? What moments do you feel are complete and able to be released? You may communicate here or you may not ~ the choice is yours.

God’s Blessings! Ma-Ryah”

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