A word about the added messages…

Today ( November 5, 2017) I have finished moving over the rest of the archived messages from the original web site built in 2006. Now that this current site won’t have to piggy back on the old site it will make it easier to update this one and eventually have it mobile friendly and all… Right now it is enough to get back to my web site, have everything moved over except for the photographs which for some reason is not working on the old site. Work is currently being done to post all the videos that were once part of the member only section. This is to offer the wisdom and guidance of Ma-Ryah to everyone who chooses to watch them. Please be patient as this is done and soon you will have the opportunity to watch all of them. If you click on the video in the header menu it will drop down to the videos you can see. Right now one is up. It is called Children of the Light…   There is a lot of information here you may also read and perhaps find something that assists you in your present journey.

Blessings… Sharon

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