Moving Forward

Full of hope

It is time to move forward in life and one area of my life I have had great difficulty moving forward with is my work with Ma-Ryah.  As many of you know I have moved to Florida and am in the process of stepping into my work once again. I will be updating and . . . → Read More: Moving Forward

A word about the added messages...

Today ( November 5, 2017) I have finished moving over the rest of the archived messages from the original web site built in 2006. Now that this current site won’t have to piggy back on the old site it will make it easier to update this one and eventually have it mobile friendly and . . . → Read More: A word about the added messages…

Message about archives

So the initial plan was to move the archived material over to this site with the original dates they were published. I have begun that process today, however most of them are not dated. At one time they were all listed according to the month and year. I will instead link them all under . . . → Read More: Message about archives

Touching base

Hello to all who come here. This is a short message just to let everyone know I am still here even though writing or adding anything new to this web site is still such a challenge for me. On the 21st of this month the year anniversary of my daughter’s death will be here . . . → Read More: Touching base

Back on-line....

Hello everyone! has been off line since September 2012. There was a problem with renewal of the domain. I had checked in the beginning of September to see when my web site was up for renewal and saw a posting on my server saying my next payment was due June 2013. It was . . . → Read More: Back on-line….