The Writer

The writer sits for hours, seemingly inactive. Looking into the eyes of the writer you may wonder where she is for her eyes are unfocused, appearing to see nothing. How deceiving perceptions are able to be! The outer body of … Read More

The Flute Player

She holds the flute to her heart filling it with her feelings ~ sometimes she fills her flute with joy ~ sometimes she fills her flute with pain. The beat of her heart connects with the flute ~ holding it … Read More

Full of Hope

Sometimes through the winter months it is so easy to lose sight of hope. In the gloomy, dark days of winter when the air is crisp and cold, I often fall quickly into the land of my shadows. Most of … Read More


Standing poised in the dance of life seeking reflections of the transformations occurring in my life. Fears released, transformed one fear at a time, daring to stand unshielded, naked in the eyes of the Creator. Seeking courage to stand, to … Read More