She Weaves Life

Watching a spider in the night weaving a web, it appears made of light. Camera focused on the weaver, the background blurs and it is okay for the weaver is the focus here. I speak to her and I wonder … Read More

Sacred Smoke

Sometimes the struggles of life are strong and I have difficulty finding my balance. In those times my ego stands up and is heard as I rant and rave and complain of life. Gently, quietly a whisper is heard deep … Read More

The Gift of Love

The gift of love often moves within my life and yet, often I do not see it. Then in sadness do I seek this gift, crying to the Creator and asking, Where Creator is there love within my life? Often … Read More

A word about the added messages…

Today ( November 5, 2017) I have finished moving over the rest of the archived messages from the original web site built in 2006. Now that this current site won’t have to piggy back on the old site it will … Read More

Transform the Shadows

“ God’s Blessings! This is Ma-Ryah from the higher realms of God. Once again we desire to address our reason for beginning all communication in this way. At one time it was requested by the Vessel for her to know it was … Read More